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It is so hard to determine if the symptoms are just in my head, PMS related, or could lead to a BFP. Braving the two week wait is not easy. Thank you I had no symptoms before I got my BFP really.

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Chlamydia can cause a variety of symptoms in both men and women, many of them uncomfortable. A lot of people will not seek STD testing until they begin to develop some of these painful symptoms, many of which can be 250 mg diamox buy paypal reload cards alarming. One of the greatest challenges with chlamydia is that those who have it can be asymptomatic for a significant period of time, all while it does harm to their reproductive system and continues to spread to their sexual partners. Because chlamydia symptoms can appear differently in men and women, below are the symptoms as they present themselves in each sex. If mail by loc esea have started to develop any of the chlamydia symptoms above, remain calm and seek medical attention with urgency.

Other complications include ectopic pregnancies and infertility. Men with Chlamydia may develop epididymitis, an inflammation of the testicular tubes. Chlamydia is also associated with an increased incidence of pre-term birth. Babies born to mothers with Chlamydia can be infected during passage through the infected birth canal.
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